Some of our happy customers......
Cowboy is doing great, we named him Dallas Cowboy but we call him Cowboy we both liked that name. He is very smart and is doing so good on the truck he was a little frightened at first but it didn't take him long at all to get use to all the weird and new noises. He is very energetic loves to play and loves to be babied, yes he is spoiled rotten,lol but for the most part he is adjusting very well only a couple of accidents but for the most part he let's us know when he needs to go, we both love him so much and thank u for such a sweet little healthy pup with a big heart.
Randy P. - TX
Brody's flight got in on time and we are home. By the time we got him to the car he was playing and giving kisses. Cali is getting used to him but Ranger loved him immediately. He is begging for pizza right now. I think he is going to fit right in. 
Thank You so Much!!!!
Ariel S. - AL
Thanks again for meeting us with pixel. She has been quite a little joy to have around, both for Justin and me and also for Lilly Bit. Here are a few pictures from this week. We also took pixel in to the vet and everything looks great. 
Sarah P. - OK
Jan 9th - Just a note - we have decided on Daisy and she had her first vet apt today. The vet was very complimentary and "said she is very healthy and she must have come from a good breeder who really cares about animals."  :)

Jan 25th - Here is a picture of Daisy, now 2 months old! She is so sweet. Sometimes we call her "Diablo" because she is relentless about wrestling and biting our hands. It's funny but it hurts! She is good about switching to her chew toys.
She growls and barks when she wants to play. She weighs 2.7 lbs and goes for shots tomorrow.
We love her very much and she seems happy, too.
Karen B. - TX
I hate leaving my little boy - in the morning he curls up on the couch with his blanket and his 2 stuffed toys and all you see is his little head sticking up staring at me. And when I come home from work, he's so happy he doesn't know what to do! If I ask him if he's shy, he lays down and tucks his head underneath him and wags his tail, then picks his head up and then tucks it back in. And he does this until I tell him he's not shy. If I ask him if he's stretching, he lays on my bed on his little belly, throws his back legs out and crawls with his little front feet towards me with his back legs dragging. Then he waits for me to scratch his back, then he rolls over and I have to scratch his belly. And all the while he's kissing me. I won't forget you telling me before I even bought him, that this little guys loves to cuddle. Well, I've never see a little one who loves to cuddle like him. If he got any closer to me, he'd be under my skin!! And when he wants to be picked up (which is a lot of the time!!), he stands up and puts his little feet on my legs and just hangs there until I pick him up. I can't tell you how much I and everyone else love him. And I have you to thank!!!
Maria F. - NY
Sadie is great, she likes to play with Keagan and barks at him:)) She has gotten feisty!! She loves to go on car rides. John and I were playing with her earlier and she barked at us for the first time, it was so cute. She is going to be so spoiled!! I think shes starting to know shes home because when I came in from class today I picked her up and she kissed me on my nose:) 
Christi W. - OK
OREO from NY
Pixel from OK
Hi Lisa,
Just a note to tell you how thrilled we are with our Teddy! We could not be more happier to have him and he has adapted to our family and all the other k-9 friends just beautifully! He is such a well adjusted and smart little puppy, and I know that it is a testament to the fabulous care that he got at your home!
Thank you again for all the emails, pictures and videos to update me on his growth progress before we received him! Since they grow so rapidly their first few weeks, it is such a gift to have pictures from newborn to when he became ours! It is very obvious that you care about these little creatures and ensure that they get the very best care. You went over and above my expectations in this process and I will gladly recommend you to anyone who is considering buying a new Chihuahua!!
Lisa G - IL
Wanted to share with you how great Paco is doing! He is full of energy and is a very curious puppy and he is also a lover. We love him SO much and am so glad to have him in our family. Please feel free to use my statements on your site.
NicoleGP - TX
Paco from TX
When I got her I wasn't so sure on what to name her. Then I came up with the right one, Nina. She is the most beautiful little dog I have ever seen! Her coat is so rare, white and little blueish/grayish spots all over her back. Her eyes are a blue/gray/green. Nina is just so pretty all around! But I'm sure you already knew that. She is so energetic and so full of life. Nina knows that I am her mama. Everywhere I go she fallows. If she losses me out of her sight she will look for me and if she can't find me she starts crying. Its the cutest thing ever. Every time I come home from work and she hears my voice she will run to where I am all excited (wanting me to pick her up) and start giving me kisses! So many kisses that I have to pull her off of me and wipe my face off. Nina is my little guard dog. When its time for bed she will jump up into bed with me and get all cozy. But if she hears a noise outside my room she get into a guard mood and wont take her eyes off the door until I get her all relaxed. Sometimes she even barks at the door. Her barks are the cutest little barks ever! I am just so happy with her! And I have you to thank for that! If anyone is looking for a chihuahua I will gladly recommend them to you!!
Amy R - WA
Nina from WA
Hi Lisa!
Milo is such an amazing, playful and loving puppy! We had our first vet visit and they were in complete awe with him. They said it was obvious he was given excellent care and shown a loving environment. He is so much fun and has already learned to sit and is doing wonderfully with his potty training!! 

Thank you for all your help and being so involved and detailed with the whole process. You made the whole experience of receiving Milo very simple. Also, thank you for all of the updates before we received him and your patience with answering all of my question and nagging emails! You truly were a blessing through this whole process. 

Of course I would love for you to put the email on your website! I want every potential buyer to realize that you truly are the real thing and really show care and compassion for the animals you are breeding. Thank you again for everything. I will send more photos and updates soon!!!!
Jaime K - PA

Milo from PA
Hi Lisa sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you. Ollie is doing great! The vet said he was perfect which I already knew you took wonderful care of him.. My dogs have adjusted to him, my older chihuahua was mad at me for a few weeks at first cuz I brought home a new puppy but now they play together and everything. Ollie is a little pistol always ready to play or just to give kisses:) which we all love. I can't thank you enough for all the care and love you gave him. It really was a great experience to have gotten him from you and the letters and pictures you sent I will no doubt tell all of my friends looking for a puppy to contact you! Thanks again and I'll send more pictures soon
​Brandi C - MD
Ollie from MD
Hi Lisa! Brody and I are doing great, hes really been such a joy :) I have
tons of pics but i attached some of the most recent. Hope all is well with
you guys also!



Hey Lisa! Brody and I are doing great!! He is so much fun and just keeps getting better! I love him to the point of annoyance to others im sure haha - ive attached a few recent pictures for you guys! Hoping everything is going well for guys :) Thanks again so much for giving me such a great gift in my life!

Paul O - TX
Dandy from TX
February 13th- Laurie and I are so happy with Angel, and our family is complete again...she loves to snuggle close, is very curious with EVERYTHING in the house. and loves to exercise up and down the stairs!...when she wants to play, she can outrun both of us, and we look ridiculous trying to catch her!...With the awful weather this winter, she has been mostly cooped up inside, but is very anxious to play outside with the other dogs...her training is coming along great and we have you to thank for that!...We are so grateful for you, Lisa , and your family giving us this precious little Angel...she is healthy, happy, and warm!....We look forward to giving her a brother or sister next year!.....Happy Valentine's Day!.....

Peter -  NH
Angel from NH
Good morning Lisa,

I want to let you know what a little blessing Hoss has been for my family and I. His personality is so special and he is absolutely precious in every way. He weighed 2lbs12oz at his last vet appointment and is in great health. 

I want to go ahead and put my reservations in for a long hair female should you have one in a future litter. We want your babies to be a permanent fixture in our family!

Thanks for everything!

Michelle - VA
Hoss from VA
Phenomenal Breeder. Great service and updates until you get your baby home. Trooper is a true love and everyone he meets adores him. He is a service dog.

Stacie - TX
Trooper from TX
I wanted to send you a update on Frisco. He's doing wonderful. He's such a happy pup. He loves being in our laps. He loves playing and barking at our cat! I thank you for the wonderful puppy you have blessed us with. And I will most certainly be coming back for a sibling for Frisco in the future!

Amber - MD
Frisco from MD