General Shipping Info
If you need to have your puppy shipped we will be happy to work with you - although there is an additional charge for shipping - normally around $325 although that may vary depending on where you live. We normally use American Airlines or Delta although we have used United & Alaskan if needed.  While we will try to work out a shipping schedule to meet your needs you must realize that our first priority is the safety and health of your puppy so it may take a little re-organizing of your schedule as we know you want your new puppy to fly as safely and stress free as possible which is what we look at when we look for possible flights for them.

Also when you come to pick up your puppy you need to make sure you have picture id as the airport will require it and the waybill number which I will supply you with once we have your flight booked. Normally you will pick the pup at the cargo area or ticket counter depending on your particular airports policies and I will let you know ahead of time where you will need to go. 

I also recommend you bring the following items in case your puppy needs them:

1. some Nutrical or meat flavored baby food in case their sugar is low
2. some baby wipes in case they have had an accident in their kennel and need a little cleaning up
3. a blanket for them to cuddle in with you on the way home
4. water as they may be thirsty                

And remember this is an important time for your new baby to bond with you so lots of quiet family time is just what they need!!