Basics of Buying a Puppy from Us
First of all we are thrilled that you are thinking about getting one of our puppies but as it is a big decision we want to make sure that you find just the right one to match your family. Therefore we encourage any questions you might have and we have several we will be asking you to ensure that we make the right match for you. Getting a new puppy means that you are willing to make the commitment and put the time into integrating your new little pet into your family.

Chihuahuas are very special little dogs and they do have a few special requirements. As they are smaller they do require a regular feeding schedule to ensure that their sugar level does not drop and they do not develop hypoglycemia which is characterized by lethargy, staggering and falling down. If this happens you can use a product called Nutrical, meat flavored baby food, or even a little bit of sugar water to get their sugar level back up and then get them to eat their normal meal of dog food as soon as possible.  This is much more common when they are puppies so I generally make sure they have dry food available to them at all times to ensure this does not happen. Also as they are so small you need to make sure that they are not dropped or that if you have them on a bed or couch make sure to supervise them as they can easily fall off and that could lead to an injury. Due to their small size they do tend to be cold natured so keep them warm and feel free to offer them blankets as they all love to snuggle and burrow. You may notice from time to time that they sound like they are choking up a hairball - it will not hurt them and it is thought of as a reverse sneeze and you can help them get over it by gently stroking their neck and throat to help them relax.

When you first bring your puppy home we recommend that you do not take them out to pet stores such as Petco or Petsmart or visiting until they have been with you several weeks. This gives them time to settle in and bond with you as well as decreasing the chances of them getting overly stressed or exposed to any diseases. Remember this is an important time for you and your new puppy to form your relationship. Also make sure they get any follow-up vaccinations and check ups that they might need - I will be happy to tell you what we recommend for vaccinations. 

Your new puppy will come to you current on their shots and wormings and with a complete health record.  We feed them Purina One Healthy Puppy Food and we will include some along with a Puppy Pack with additional tips and information in it.  If you decide to put them on a different brand of puppy food then we recommend you do it gradually over a 10 day period to lessen the chances of an upset stomach. We also start all the puppies on NuVet Plus which is a wonderful supplement that helps ensure a happy and healthy puppy as well as a healthy adult - your puppy will come with a sample bag of it. We do require that you keep them on it to keep your health guarantee and you can order it by going to our NuVet page where you can also read more information about it. All of our puppies are born in our home and are handled and played with multiple times a day. We put a lot of time and love into them which is why we want to make sure to match you with just the right one.

We recommend that your puppy has at least 3 sets of vaccinations one at 7 weeks, one at 10 weeks and one at 13 weeks. We also suggest that you get their rabies shots at 14 - 16 weeks of age. You will receive their complete medical records from us showing all vaccinations & wormings they have received and we recommend that you get with your vet and follow their suggestions for your area.
NuVet Plus is available in wafers and powder.

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