DOB 2006??

Molly came to us in 2007 from a family who could no longer afford to keep her.  She is a Chihuahua mix who is very loving and will live out her days here with us as we can not imagine her not being a part of our family. When she looks at you with her big brown eyes she seems to gaze into your very soul. Her favorite things are sliced cheese, riding in the truck and cuddling under her favorite blankets (she is very cold natured!!)  

DOB 2009??

Max is a Chihuahua mix given to us by a rescue to foster as a puppy as he had come from a horrible situation and needed a foster home to help him overcome all his anxieties. Of course after spending several months with him we knew he would not be going anywhere as he became a part of the family. He is very spunky and loves to run and play. He is very vocal and always has a greeting when he sees you. His favorite toy is his squeaky tennis ball and he prefers living outdoors with his buddies as he is very dog social. 
Other Family Members
Our Horses

Rock N Roah

DOB 3/20/01

AHA Registered 

Skinny is our half arabian in-house barn comedian. He is always getting into something and is very talented at finding escape routes! He is very spirited and always a fun ride. 
Gambling Zan Smooth

DOB 3/12/2002

AQHA/FQHR Registered 

Smoothy is our laid back girl. You can put anyone on her of any riding level and she always takes care of them. She is never in a hurry and is always the go to horse for the grandkids.