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Questions and Answers

Q. Why does my puppy need NuVet Plus vitamin and mineral supplement?

A. Good complete nutrition is absolutely essential for growing puppies. Developing bones, teeth, and coat must have balanced daily nutrition to become healthy and strong. Chihuahuas have a long life expectancy…up to 18 years, and in many cases, they’ve lived to an even older age than that, but good nutrition plays a key role in ensuring that your puppy reaches a happy, healthy old age. There are very, very few dog foods on the market that provide everything your puppy needs. So very many supplements on the shelves don’t even come close to providing your puppy’s required nutrition, and many of those supplements are little more than corn starch. NuVet Plus provides your puppy with all the essential vitamins and minerals that you will not find in food and other supplements, and they go a step further. They provide you with the information about their product, including a list of every ingredient in the supplement and what it does for your puppy, so that you will have peace of mind knowing that your puppy is getting what he needs to be healthy and happy.  No other supplement or food does that.

Q. Will my vet approve of NuVet Plus?

A. This all depends on your vet. Vets are not trained as dieticians. They are trained as clinicians who treat and fix the problem. Many don’t realize the role that good nutrition will play in preventing the problem. But, they’re starting to come around and see the many benefits of a healthy balanced diet. Those who understand the importance of preventative supplements will be overjoyed that you have your puppy on NuVet. However, others will tell you that your puppy does not need vitamin supplements. When you think of it though, with all that we know about good nutrition in humans now, would your own doctor tell you that you don’t need vitamin supplements? Most likely not. Dogs are no different. If there are benefits for humans to having a good balanced supplement to make up where our diets fall short, why wouldn’t supplements for puppies benefit them to make up where their diets fall short?  

Q. Are there any side effects from NuVet?

A. Yes, there is one side effect….a healthy puppy!!

Q. Why do you require that my new puppy remain on NuVet for the sales contract?  

A. Our sales contract requires NuVet be given to your puppy because we know it works. We know that it provides a balanced nutrition, because most dog foods on the market do not. We know that it will keep your puppy out of the vet’s office. It’s that simple. We know and understand that good nutrition will keep your puppy healthy and strong. We know NuVet will boost your puppy’s immune system, making him less susceptible to contagious disease. We want you to enjoy having your puppy as a family member, and we know that keeping him healthy and happy is the only way that will happen.  

Q. What dosage of NuVet should I give my puppy?

A. You should follow the instructions given by NuVet. That is ½ a teaspoon of powder or ½ a wafer a day until the puppy weighs 5 pounds or more. Once they reach the 5 pound weight, the dose goes up to 1 teaspoon powder or 1 wafer per day.  

Q. Should I order NuVet in wafer or powder form?
A. We recommend powder form although you can also crush the wafers. Nobody likes the taste of vitamins, and dogs are no different. You may find that you have trouble getting your puppy to eat the wafers. Powder can easily be sprinkled over dry food or mixed in with a daily treat. A tablespoon of canned dog food, peanut butter or yogurt, or a scrambled egg, ¼ cup milk or chicken broth all make good treats that will be healthy enough for your puppy and allow you to mix in the NuVet. Be careful with human food though. If you see that your puppy is rapidly putting on weight because of feeding him these treats, stop immediately and switch the treat to a tsp of canned dog food.  

Q. Why can’t I buy NuVet in stores?

A. NuVet is not available in stores because you must have a referral from your breeder. They do not want their products confused with other supplements. They want their customers to hear about NuVet from someone who uses it and knows it works.  

Q. How do I order NuVet?  

A. There is an order number and code provided on your brochure, but here it is again, just in case you need it. Call 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 66602 to order. We recommend that you enroll in the auto-ship program. This saves you time, as your order will be shipped automatically. Plus it saves you money because they offer 15% off when enrolling in the auto-ship program. They will work with you to set the correct shipping dates based on what your puppy’s dosage is.   
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